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10 Songs Naihobe Gonzalez Would Like to Hear (Somehow) During a Blackout

Naihobe Gonzalez’s “Notes on Blackouts” was published in Enumerate in March 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bix Gabriel, Enumerate Editor, asked her for a list of songs she’d like to listen to during a blackout — which somehow seems apropos of social distancing and quarantines.

Naihobe wrote: I chose a list of songs I’d like to listen to during a blackout. They’re all songs by alternative Venezuelan musicians that I think others might enjoy, even if they don’t speak Spanish. Venezuelans are known for finding joy even in the worst circumstances, so it seems appropriate to listen to some Venezuelan music during a dark time (literally and figuratively).

Click here for the playlist curated by Naihobe

1. Mamita, by Rawayana feat. Natalia Lafourcade

2. Asesina, by Okills

3. Pupitres en Fuego, by La Vida Bohème

4. Yo Era el Sol, by La Pequeña Revancha

5. Mi Negrita, by Davendra Banhart

6. Allí Estás, by Famasloop

7. El Jardinero, by Armando y Alejandro

8. Emilia, by Americania

9. Viviré para Ti, by Los Amigos Invisibles

10. Calipso, by Laura Guevera feat. Alberto Arcas

Cheers to musical joy in dark times!

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